Simple yet powerful way to get feedback.

Start Stop Continue is a simple yet powerful technique
that allows you to get feedback from your team members
quickly and effectively.

create a survey now!

Basically, it's just three short questions you ask:

That's all, no long forms to fill in or lengthy and boring interviews.

How does it work?

1 you create a survey (it virtually takes no time),

2 you share a survey link with people,

3 they answer three simple questions,

4 you read their answers and draw your conclusions.

Is it free?

The service is absolutely free. No registration or credit card required at any time.

Click here to create your Start Stop Continue survey.

Look what leading UX and Gamestorming expert
has to say about

Very interesting app based on the #gamestorming exercise Start, Stop, Continue game at @macgeo

— Dave Gray (@davegray) October 6, 2013