Simple yet powerful way to get feedback.

Start Stop Continue is a simple yet powerful technique
that allows you to get feedback from your team members
quickly and effectively.

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Basically, it's just three short questions you ask:

That's all, no long forms to fill in or lengthy and boring interviews.

How does it work?

1 you create a survey (it virtually takes no time),

2 you share a survey link with people,

3 they answer three simple questions,

4 you read their answers and draw your conclusions.

Is it free?

The service is absolutely free. No registration or credit card required at any time.

Click here to create your Start Stop Continue survey.

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has to say about

Very interesting app based on the #gamestorming exercise Start, Stop, Continue game at @macgeo

— Dave Gray (@davegray) October 6, 2013

The website let you create your own Start Stop Continue survey and gather feedback from your co-workers or students. There are a couple features that make the website user-friendly and customizable.

Custom introduction message

You may want to greet your respondents or provide more context so their response are more meaningful and helpful to you. To achieve this you can add a custom introduction message which will be displayed to people who get a link to your survey. This is an optional feature, not providing introductory message is perfectly fine. If you would like to add this kind of message click the "Want to add something as an introduction?" link and text field will be shown.

Customizable questions

By default a survey you create includes three questions corresponding to each of three words describing the Start Stop Continue technique. These are: "What should I start doing?", "What should I stop doing?" and "What should I continue doing?". However you can easily edit these questions in case you want to word them differently, provide more context or translate questions into the language of your choice. Of course you can leave default questions untouched and then it still works.

Email notifications

Whenever someone responds to your survey you receive an email notification with the name of the person, their responses and link to all answers included. The feature lets you learn what others think of your work in the matter of minutes. Please keep in mind you need to provide your e-mail address for this feature to work.

Anonymous feedback

In some teams or situations sharing feedback openly without concealing your identity works fine and brings people closer and helps them improve. However if you want your respondents to feel safer when sharing their thoughts you may check "Make survey anonymous" option at the bottom of the survey form. If it's checked people responding to your survey will not be asked to provide their names. Depending on the situation this may encourage them to reveal their true opinions which in effect can result in more meaningful and actionable feedback for you.

No limits

The website does not impose any limits regarding number of answers for a given survey. From what we've seen, sometimes the tool is used by small teams and there are just a couple of responses. On other occasions the number of response is significantly higher, e.g. a lecturer can use the website to gather feedback from students. Any way don't worry about hitting a limit as it simply does not exist.

All answers in one place

After you created a survey and sent out a link you will receive feedback. As mentioned before you will receive email notifications as soon as a response is submitted. You can easily read all responses at a unique page. The corresponding link is displayed on the screen after you create your survey and it's also included in email message sent to you.

create a survey